Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Poetry Book Giveaway Winners Announced!

Using a random number generator, the following entrants have won books:

The big winner of my chapbook (What Big Teeth) and Ruth Schwartz's Edgewater is Beth.

Winners of Concrete Wolf chabooks are:

Stacy Lynn Mar won Dana Elkun's Black Box Theater as Abandoned Zoo

Linda Crosfield won Janet Norman Knox's Eastlake Cleaners: When Quality and Price Count [a Romance]

Theresa MacNaughton won Erin Malone's What Sound Does it Make?

Jessica Bates won Michelle Brooks' Such Short Supply.

Kathy Green won Alison Pelegrin's Squeezers.

I will be emailing each winner to obtain your mailing addresses.

Thank you to all for participating. Even if you haven't won a book, consider supporting a poet by buying her book or treating her to a cup of coffee :-).


  1. Hi Lana,
    What about treating the poet to two scoops of gelato? That was a lovely gesture last night! Thank you so much for coming all the way to Bellingham to hear me read -- you are amazing!

  2. Would that be ME Beth??? Oh! I hope so!

  3. I won?!? I never win anything. YAY! I take it back. I won a Western belt buckle as a door prize back in 1982. Yippee for that one...

  4. Susan, It's my treat to be able to treat you. And my pleasure to hear you read so beautifully.

    Beth, it's you! Books will be on the way Monday. Enjoy.

    Anna, so glad to be the one to break the 28-year no-win streak. Perhaps now you're on a winning streak for 28 more years.

  5. And thanks from me for my 'Eastlake Cleaners' book! Very much appreciate all you do, Lana. Linda